Japan Fest~ The day of Yugioh!

So i went to japan fest today with some friends and my little brother because i live right next to it, never have gone because its always on AWA weekend, but not this year~ admission was only $8 too, and I had $15 left to spend on food/whatever. Basically I met someone wearing a T-shirt with Blue Eyes and Kaiba on it OvO, took a picture on my crappy phone I can’t upload pictures from, Bought one of those millenium world arc mini figurines that were all the rage a little while ago for $13, (got Black Magician ehehehe Atem would have been better though oh well), found a ygo t-shirt with the millennium puzzle on it for sale (couldn’t buy it because $20, but I AM SO ORDERING ONE EVENTUALLY), and then left there and went to the mall, where New ygo cards were being sold in one of the anime stores as well as  A YAMI ALARM CLOCK OH MY GOD, and in the other the little capsules with mini derp figurines that I got last time~ apparently I got the last yami because I only saw joeys and Pegasus’s and kaiba’s and a blue eyes and red eyes and exodia~ but anyways, then I went to the book store to see if they had YGO original vol 2, but they had 4 and 6 or something, and  I also oogled at sailor moon and sailor V and that was my Day in relation to Yu-gi-oh! I also found a way to reference it to my friends at every possible moment and im pretty sure i scared them but thats okay though because yugioh.